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Hybrid Picking - Tuition Book and DVD

'Hybrid Picking' is a complete guide to mastering a much coveted technique. Consisting of 8 chapters and over 50 musical examples, this book demonstrates how to bring fluidity and flare to your playing where standard pick technique alone, can often fall short. Covering all aspects of the method, 'Hybrid Picking' is a must for all experienced and non-experienced players alike. All of the musical examples are demonstrated by Wyn Pearson on the accompanying DVD at slow and fast tempos.hybrid3

  • Arpeggios
  • Leaping across strings
  • Hybrid picking chords
  • Chicken Pickin'
  • Runs in consecutive intervals

The DVD concludes with a blazing demonstration by the author, which has been fully notated! Standard notation and TAB. 

Available from all major online retailers.


DVD Example: Final Chapter - 'Putting It All Together'